Did you know that the US Food and Drug Administration does not require safety studies for GMO foods before they are placed on the market? It’s quite ironic actually, because the safety regulator of the FDA is Michael Taylor, the previous vice president for Monsanto. Monsanto is the greatest biotech company that produces GMO’s.

“Plant a seed of change”. This is one of the mottos for the organization “March against Monsanto”. They sponsor events around the world to inform the community of healthy organic alternatives and celebrate the agriculture culture. You can inform yourself on the organization by joining the group on Facebook or by simply searching their website. Another great organization that I am personally familiar with is the “Non-GMO Project”. The Non-Gmo Project is an organization that has stepped up to label truly organic food that is Non-Gmo verified.  If you’ve noticed, many products in the grocery store that are organic and truly non-gmo have a little blue and white seal that says “Non-Gmo Project”. The seal confirms that the product is certainly organic and free of gmo’s. This organization also has a website with many resources that help you find non-gmo food in the market.Next time you are at a grocery store and you are hoping to find non-gmo food, look for the blue seal that The Non-GMO Project has voluntarily provided for us.


  Coloradans should be encouraged to grow their own crops and raise their own stock to prevent consuming foods with GMO’s and for those who are unable to grow and raise their own food; they should have the right to know if what they buy contains GMO’s. The plan to diminish the use of GMO’s in Colorado is already in action. It is called proposition 105. Proposition 105 calls for labeling GMO foods to provide basic information to offer more control and choices for the person purchasing the food (Right to Know Colorado). As of today, Proposition 105 has been rejected but voters and activist continue to fight for a change. As of right now there are many foggy details exposed about GMO’s. A great concern is that GMO’s have not been tested for long term effects on the human body and there are currently no Colorado laws that require safety evaluations or even labeling of GMO’s. As I mentioned before, 90% of crops in Colorado are considered “high risk crops” due to the exposure of GMO’s. Some of those crops include soy, corn, and cotton. GMO’s are also found in our commonly used processed foods such as, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavoring, corn starch, and yeast products.  

Participating grocery stores who carry non-gmo organic food


King Soopers


Sam's Club


Natural Grocers

Colorado is one of the many states in America that uses GMO processed crops in about 90% of food. We must reduce the consumption of GMO’s in our food for the sake of our health. GMO’s have been known to cause negative side effects to the human body such as food allergies and diseases like autism and ADHD. I believe Coloradans should be highly aware of the effects and possible affects GMO’s cause to our body. 

Door to Door Organics is an organization that has partnered up with farmers to deliver fresh organic produce to your door. It is fast and easy to sign up. Just pick the type of box you want delivered, the day you want it delivered and Door to Door organics does the rest ! 


The use of GMO’s in Colorado will only continue to grow if we do not educated the people. According to the FDA, GMO’s are being used to satisfy the demand of the consumer. We as the consumers have set a high demand for products and producing GMO’s is a method that allows more crops to withhold harsh weather and pesticides than a non-GMO crop would not. I believe there are better ways to help meet the demands of the consumer. For example, people should be encouraged to grow their own crops at home. Families should have a vegetable and fruit garden without having to use GMO’s and be able to feed their family. I also think families should try raising chickens and have the state’s support in this. If people produce their own food imagine how much the demand will go down, which means the use of excessive GMO’s in our crops will not be necessary.

Although the safety hazards of GMO’s has not been fully disclosed, there are cases of negative side effects to the human body for GMO consumption. According to “Responsible Technology”, FDA scientists have brought up possible risks that are unpredictable, and hard to detect side effects. Some of the side effects listed were allergies, toxins, diseases, and nutritional problems. To this day, no long-term safety studies have been assessed. Are you wondering what you can do to help? There are many organizations in Colorado that are working to better the situation.